What time of year do you find truffles?

What time of year do you find truffles?

Searching for truffles is definitely the most exciting part when talking about truffles in general. Maybe except eating them. Let’s say you decided to put yourself into adventure and to try first hand how it looks like hunting the truffles. You took some courses, read some books, acquired yourself a good trained dog. But what’s next? How do you start and, more important, when do you start?

Truffle Tarandek What time of year do you find truffles

It is important to know what time of year do you find truffles and what is the right time for a harvest. It all depends what kind of truffles do you search for. There are two types of truffles: white and black. While black truffle is mostly available during the whole year, the white truffle is only available during its season.

In Istria, we have the season of black truffle Tuber Melanosporum between January and the end of March. Then, summer black truffle Tuber Aestivum between the middle of April and the middle of August. And finaly, the year ends with the white truffle season which begins on the 1st of September and lasts until the New Year’s Eve.

That time of year many of us, truffle hunters and our dogs, enter the forests starting our exciting hunt. After all, the white truffle is the king of all truffles. However, choosing any other period of year that we mentioned above is ok to try yourself in truffle hunting. And we definitely promise that you won’t miss all the fun and excitement it brings.

There is one more thing which has to be considered when harvesting truffles – the law. Many countries have their own regulations, defining the exact period in which the truffles are allowed to be hunted. Regulations also forbid the harvest of unripe specimens, because that way the underground fungus would be unable to spread and multiply.

Now that you have some more insight into the topic and that you have basic knowledge what time of year you find truffles, pick up your dog and head straight into the forest. Good luck!

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